Barbara Bronstein

Barbara Bronstein

Founder, President and Volunteer, Second Servings of Houston

New York-native Barbara Bronstein has resided in Houston for more than 30 years. After graduating from Tufts University, she earned an MBA in Marketing from New York University. Following a successful career marketing some of America's leading brands for Unilever, Mars and Coca-Cola, Barbara founded Second Servings to address the staggering rates of food insecurity and food waste in Houston. Under her pro bono leadership, Second Servings has become one of the city’s fastest-growing nonprofits, helping nourish over 170,000 needy Houstonians with high-quality food all year long. Barbara has been featured in local and national media and honored with the Mayor’s Proud Partner Award, the Houston Humanitarian Award and the Compassionate Action Leader Award. Currently, she serves on the Board of the Houston Culinary Guild.

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Connecting Food and Transportation Surpluses and Shortages Caused by COVID-19

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