Fundable Initiatives

COVID-19 has sent shock waves through the entire food system, from producers to end recipients. Closures of restaurants and bars, furloughed and laid-off employees, and stay-at-home orders across the country have led to a spike in demand for services in the grocery retail and technology sectors. Meanwhile, food donations have become unpredictable at best, and there is an increasingly vital need for food access and distribution services, especially among food security and recovery organizations.

ReFED's COVID-19 Food Waste Fundable Initiatives Directory provides details on organizations on the front lines of COVID-19, serving those directly impacted by the pandemic. To scale up the most impactful responses to the crisis, the need for funding is urgent — not just to address immediate problems, but to position these organizations to meet the ever-growing demand for services moving forward.

To provide funding to one of these organizations, please contact them directly.

For questions about these organizations or to share additional opportunities, please email