Thomas Mcquillan

Thomas McQuillan

Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Culture and Sustainability, Baldor Specialty Foods

Thomas McQuillan is a transformational executive with 25+ years of successful business leadership experience and a demonstrated skill for turning around underperforming organizations and spearheading acquisition and business integration initiatives. In 2015, Thomas joined Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc. located in the Bronx, New York. At Baldor he reports to the President of the company developing a number of strategic initiatives. Tasked with creating a strategic plan to make Balor more Sustainable, Thomas spearheaded the SparCs (scraps spelled backwards) initiative to reduce food waste throughout the company. Baldor’s sustainability initiatives are also focused on overall waste reduction throughout the organization and the company has launched a number of initiatives to become more energy efficient. Thomas holds a BA in Business Administration from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and a Master of Business Administration from St. John’s University in New York.

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Demand and Inventory Forecasting During and After COVID-19

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