Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Lovin’ Spoonfuls facilitates the recovery and distribution of healthy, perishable food that would otherwise be discarded and has expanded its operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March, Lovin’ Spoonfuls has rescued and distributed over 610,000 pounds of food to food insecure individuals in Massachusetts and expects to double that in the next 90 days.


A representative from Haley House, one of Lovin' Spoonfuls nonprofit partners, says, “Lovin' Spoonfuls' deliveries are the highlight of every Tuesday and Thursday. Especially all the greens!”

Another nonprofit partner says, "We would like to also express our sincere appreciation for your services to our Madison Park Development Corporation. The food distribution is a great resource for our residents and to the community that we serve. Not only through your services have we been able to provide the residents with food, there has also been an increase in social cohesion and a decrease in social isolation.”

The People Helping People Food Pantry, another nonprofit partner, says, “Our partnership with Lovin’ Spoonfuls has meant a tremendous increase in our access to fresh food. This includes prepared food as well as produce and meat, and it has meant a steady increase in the amount of food we can provide to our families.”

Paraclete, another nonprofit partner, says, “We are saving $20,000 annually on food due to the partnership with Lovin’ Spoonfuls, which is nearly 10% of our $250,000 annual budget.”